"I think I may be pregnant..."

If you're facing an unplanned pregnancy and struggling with difficult decisions, we uderstand the shock, fear, and confusion you may be feeling.  You may even feel alone or overwhelmed by the decisions you need to make.

Most of all, you may have questions that seem to have no answers.

​How can I have a baby and still live my life?
Should I be concerned about having an abortion?
What about adoption?​
Parenting can be a struggle at any age no matter what the circumstances. We can help you prepare to be a parent and plan for this baby.  
Choosing another family to raise your baby is an opportunity to give your baby a positive future.
If you are considering an abortion, it is important to know about the procedures and the risks involved with your decision.  
YOUR Choices
You owe it to yourself to make an informed decision!
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We care about YOU and
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